Can you proceed (with caution!) to organize an in-person WordPress event?

Please use this checklist to help you determine whether or not you can host an in-person WordPress event (WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, or do_action hackathons) based on the Community Team's request for safety measures. You will be provided with the Community team's recommendation after this page.

To help you gather some of the data needed for this checklist, the Community Team has provided some links to frequently referenced health authority data.

Is your country’s (or state’s/region’s/province’s) average rate of positive cases (also known as “positivity rate” or “positive rate”) over the past 28 days under 4%? This is the percentage of positive cases with respect to total tests completed. *

In the past 14 days, have there been under 50 new cases per 100,000 people reported? *

If there is a cost associated with your venue, is that fee fully refundable or transferable to another date? *

Does your venue allow for safe social distancing practices? *

To learn about safe social distancing practices, visit

Does your venue have cleaning protocols in place to sanitize the space between uses? *

Are you and other organizers willing to enforce the use of masks, hand sanitization, and social distancing, as recommended in your country or area? *

In order to use local data to predict the safety of attendees, in-person events are required to be open only to residents of your immediate area. Are you and other organizers willing to enforce this expectation? *

Are you and other organizers ready to require RSVP in the, and to gather attendee contact lists while on-site? *

If you are organizing a WordCamp, attendees will need to purchase a ticket on your website anyway. Please choose the option, "Not applicable" in that case.